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Indications - PerfectPupil®


PerfectPupil® expands and keeps a small and/or constricting pupil dilated to 7 mm throughout the surgical procedure. This helps treat IFIS (intraoperative floppy iris syndrome) patients more proficiently.


It is designed to provide the surgeon with an optimal work area and reduce the risk of surgical complications during cataract and retinal surgery. Small and constricting pupils account for approximately 4% of all cataract surgeries and are deemed complex cataract cases, and physician reimbursable in the USA under CPT code # 66982.


Maintaining a 7 mm pupil is important during cataract surgeries to retain visibility of the capsular bag when performing capsulorrhexis and phacoemulsification; and during vitrectomy procedures to optimize visibility of the posterior chamber. Improved visibility reduces the risk of surgical complications and results in better surgical outcomes.