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Indications - PerfectCapsule®


PerfectCapsule® enables sealed capsule irrigation SCI™ a proprietary surgical procedure that targets the selective removal of lens epithelial cells from the capsular bag when performing refractive lens exchange.


The most common complications in refractive lens exchange procedures are capsule opacification, fibrosis and phimosis. This is attributed to the postoperative proliferation and migration of residual lens epithelial cells inside the capsular bag. This, in turn, causes a degradation of vision in mono-focal, multi-focal and accommodating intraocular lens procedures.


Elimination of lens epithelial cells may result in a capsular bag that remains clear and flexible after removal of the natural lens. And a clear, flexible bag is a prerequisite to maintain the optimal functionality and quality of vision of the new generation of innovative presbyopia-correcting intraocular lenses-used in lens-based refractive surgery. Thereby improving the quality of vision and patient satisfaction with these promising elective procedures.